10 most incredible things to do before you die

1. Sky Diving

Sky diving is on the top of my list.
Whoever has done skydiving even once would agree that it is a hair rising adventure of a lifetime. Just think how mesmerizing an experience it is when you take a free fall out of a flight which is as high as 18000 feet above sea level. You need to be a daredevil to do such a daring stunt. Just try it once and I bet that you will remember this as the wildest experience of your life.

2. Cruise to Antarctica
An expedition to Antarctica should be an unforgettable journey of discovery. Breathtaking floating castles of ice glistening in the warmth of the austral sun. Antarctica is a fabulous place and virtually pristine paradise for wildlife with incomparable scenery of mountains, snow and ice.
It would be a privilege to visit the awe-inspiring land and experience the special magic that has lured explorers, adventurers and scientists for decades.
Very few have experienced Antarctica, land like no other in the geography and history of the world. Your days will be filled with unparalleled  opportunities to observe the wildlife filled land. The journey will cost you around 10, 000 dollars but will be your life time moments.

3. Ride the scariest roller coaster on earth
Nothing compares to the anticipation of an unseen drop, the whirl of a sudden spin or an unexpected plummet from a too tall tower ... a beating heart ... sweaty palms ... a dry mouth. People love fear and roller coaters deliver it.

4. South African Wildlife Safari
An african safari offers everything, diverse culture, untamed wildlife, ancient tapestry of natural landscapes, majestic creatures like hippos, elepants, corocodiles, giant turtles, sand forests, lakes, lagoons, wetlands, pristine strectches of exotic beaches and what not.

5. Fly at speed of sound in MiG-29 to the edge of
Just imagine flying at twice the speed of sound (2400-2500 km per hour) at a height 65,000 feet above the earth, looking at the awesome curvature of the earth ... Wow !!!
Soaring through the edge of space, travelling one mile every two seconds, a trip in the MiG Figher Jet is a unique flight experience that is the closest a person get to being an astronaut. 
Experience of weightlessness at the top is the only one of its kind which you will never forget throughout your life. 

6. Visit a live volcano (Costa Rica, Hawaii)
Could there be a better show than Mother Nature's  own fireworks display ? Kilauea Volcano at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on Hawaii's big island, has been erupting non stop since january 3, 1983 and provides visitors with a view of one of the most spectacular natural wonders on earth.
Smell the sulphur, feel the earth tremble and watch as molten lava spews from the ground.
Viewed as dusk, you can see see lava flowing straight from Kilauea into the sea, glowing bright red and sending up plumes of steam several hundred feet high.
See the link below

7. Swimming and Diving with Dolphins
Imagine the thrill of being one with a dolphin and actually taking a ride with it by holding onto its pectoral fins and flying with full speed ahead. The experience is something mystical and sensational. You can engage in various amzing activities with dolphins.
  • Swirl : several dolphins swin in concentril circles around aswimmers, generating a lot of energy and movement.
  • Kiss: with deleicate movements, dolphin poses its snout on the cheek of swimmer.
  • Footpush: two dolphins push the swimmer from the feet. See the videos below if you don't believe me !!! 
  • Swim and Dive: dolphin swims with full speed while the swimmer holds its pectoral fins riding on its belly.
Years ago, diving with dolphins was a rare and treasured experience awarded only to those who spent a lot of time in the oceans. Today, just about anyone can experience diving with dolphins.

This is my list of 7 most incredible that I would like to do before I say good bye to this wonderful world.
I would request the readers to suggest three more "most amazing" things to add to this list.

It will be great if anyone who reads this writes his own list of things in the comment section. If I find something  interesting, it might become a part of my list as well.

Have fun !!!


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