Most funniest baby videos to watch on youtube

After spending a lot of time and research I finally have my list of most funniest baby vidoes. Do watch them and you will be delighted. They are so cute and funny !!!
Have Fun.

1. Cute Sleeping Baby
This video has been watched more than 5 Million Times.  Finally he found the perfect position ...

2. Synchronised Laughing
It is kind of addictive. As one starts all others join him and make you laugh as well ...

3. Laughing Baby
Watched more than 120 million times. Its will definitely bring some smile on your face.

4. Funny Babies
one has the hiccups and the other one laughs his head off every time. So cute !!!

5. Funny Baby Faces
The tunnel baby expressions are really hilarious !!!

6. Funny Baby Accidents

7. Charlie bit my finger again !!!

8. Baby Firing !!!

9. Baby Break Dance

10. Numa Numa. Last but not the least. A grown up child !!!
This is one of the most watched video on youtube. He became s superstar overnight.

If you know of any other funny videos please let me and others know about them through the comment section. They may also become a part of my list.

Have Fun !!!


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